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Who Makes Black Widow Hydraulic Press?

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[Article Summary]: Home mechanics or small repair shops will find this 20-ton air press indispensable, as it bends, shapes, and forms metal into various shapes or fo……

who makes black widow hydraulic press

Home mechanics or small repair shops will find this 20-ton air press indispensable, as it bends, shapes, and forms metal into various shapes or forms. Furthermore, its loosening capabilities enable it to loosen seized parts or replace bearings quickly - with its manual hand pump providing incremental force application.

Imagine driving across rugged trails and dominating city streets in your sleek Black Widow-branded Ram 1500 equipped with six-inch lift and exceptional shock absorbers from Black Widow Autoworks, plus 35" BFGOODRICH tires and premium badges - now you can.

The Black Widow Hydraulic Press

The Black Widow 20-Ton Hydraulic Shop Press is an ideal tool for home mechanics or small repair shops looking to bend and straighten metal, loosen seized parts, replace bearings and more. This powder-coated steel press features a fast pump core to quickly lower its head assembly as well as an easily operated hand winch that raises and lowers the work table. Furthermore, its two heel blocks and pressure gauge come standard as do eight different height adjustments spaced 4.75" apart on its work table that may be locked into place using pins while its pump handle can apply ram force directly. Lastly, while its pressure gauge lets you view its output!

The Black Widow 12-Ton Hydraulic Press

This shop press is an affordable yet powerful hydraulic press designed for commercial use. Constructed of durable powder coated steel with an industrial strength hydraulic cylinder unit that allows more precise operations. Able to handle more pressure than competing models on the market, it's ideal for applications including installing or removing gears, bushings, ball joints, U-joints, pulleys and more.

It also features an inbuilt pressure gauge, making this machine even more useful. The gauge can be found on top of the machine and displays readings in both pounds per square inch (psi) and tons, so that you can better gauge how much pressure is on the ram without exceeding its maximum capacity.

Another excellent feature is its spring return ram, which can help expedite your work time. This ram can also slide horizontally from 2.75" to 10", providing greater options for projects of various kinds. In addition, this press features 8 adjustable table height options spaced 4 3/4 inches apart as well as 2 heel blocks to help secure pieces securely.

At the core of any successful shop press operation lies safety. Even experienced operators can become injured if not cautious, due to its tremendous pressure exerting upon materials that can shatter, dent and break at extremely fast velocities - potentially endangering both operator and others nearby.

No matter the size or type of shop press you choose, it is vitally important to use it correctly to avoid serious injuries or damages to your equipment. This requires reading and following all instructions as well as performing regular preventative maintenance on the hydraulic press itself - including reading all applicable instructions as well as performing preventative maintenance on it to avoid leakage caused by loose connections, incorrect oil usage and type choices or overheating, which degrades oil levels over time and damages components like the ram.

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