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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Millions of viewers watch Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland destroy things in his family shop’s 150-ton hydraulic press, such as clocks, fruit, a……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

Millions of viewers watch Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland destroy things in his family shop's 150-ton hydraulic press, such as clocks, fruit, and golf balls while an amused commentary provides running commentary.

Vuohensilta and Anni discuss what draws viewers to their destruction-focused channel that debuted five years ago. Steel pipes provide satisfying crushing action without needing as much preparation compared to other materials.

1. Subscribers

If you haven't watched the Hydraulic Press Channel yet, then you are missing out on one of the most captivating videos on the internet. Since 2012, this Finnish couple running it have been using a 150-ton hydraulic press to destroy random objects with unfaltering precision - from Lego cars and iPhone 7's to hockey pucks! And all just for pure destruction's sake!

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta operate the Hydraulic Press Channel out of Tampere, Finland where they work at a family-owned machining shop that utilizes hydraulic presses as part of its operations. Since 2015 they started the channel to share videos of objects they were crushing with an audience - which have quickly gained in popularity ever since.

Recently, YouTube channel showed off their latest toy: a solid glass sphere they could crush with a hydraulic press. Because the sphere stored so much energy before breaking apart when crushed by press pressure, fans loved watching this video of its explosively violent collapse when compressed; no wonder it made its way onto Reddit's front page and attracted millions of views!

Hydraulic Press Channel videos feature stacks of bills being exposed to intense pressure from their hydraulic press, with stacks of paper faring better than coins when faced with its force. Vuohensiltas also enjoy testing whether items wrapped in duct tape can withstand these forces of the press.

Duct tape can be an ideal solution for wrapping valuables before sending them through the mail, but it may not work so well when applied to everyday items like keys. However, the couple enjoys creating these videos and hopes to continue this practice in future videos.

Some viewers might be taken aback to discover that Hydraulic Press Channel is an official YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, but this shouldn't come as a shock - there are dozens of similar channels dedicated to showing the destructive potential of machines and objects, like Hydraulic Press Channel is. Popular enough channels have even become "ad-supported", meaning viewers pay every time they watch an ad; this income goes toward supporting more videos being created as well as drawing in advertisers wanting their ads seen by more viewers.


The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is a YouTube channel dedicated to featuring videos showing various objects being crushed with an industrial-strength hydraulic press. Launched by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni in October 2015, HPC videos have since gone viral, garnering millions of views and leading to multiple sponsorship deals.

These videos have gained so much traction due to satisfying a deep-seated human curiosity about what can be accomplished with an industrial-strength hydraulic press. From crushing watermelons or cars, each video begins in an intriguing fashion and leaves viewers anticipating what their final result may be; then comes an impressive destruction that shows just what can be accomplished using such powerful machines.

Although the Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed millions of views, other YouTube channels that produce similar content have also garnered significant ad revenues. Jimmy Donaldson earned over $54 Million with his channel dedicated to smashing objects with hydraulic presses - most videos focus on breaking things but there have also been videos featuring building things with hydraulic presses!

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out from its many imitators thanks to the dynamic duo of hosts Lauri and Anni, who offer a uniquely lighthearted take on everyday item destruction with their hydraulic press. Their playful interactions help make this channel so entertaining - especially with Lauri and Anni's entertainingly quirky take!

Humor helps break down barriers that would normally prevent an average viewer from tuning into videos about hydraulic presses crushing objects, while being shot in real factories with various forms of machinery makes these videos relatable to those without prior experience in mechanical equipment.

As part of each video, each language used in it should be simple and relatable so as to ensure an understanding from viewers who may not be native English speakers; one of HPC's Q&A videos features Lauri revealing how he learned English by watching British films like Top Gear and Fallout.

3. Ad Revenue

Similar to most YouTube channels, the hydraulic press channel relies on advertising revenue. Each time someone watches one of its videos, Google or other companies with advertisements on YouTube pay out some small amount to the channel as ad revenue; as videos may be watched multiple times by different viewers increasing this total per view figure; additionally the hydraulic press channel often links other YouTube videos in their videos which further boost revenue streams.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an ongoing series of videos showing objects being crushed with a 150-ton hydraulic press operated by Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni from Tampere, Finland, who operate a workshop. Since launching in October 2015 and quickly going viral due to an attempt by Vuohensilta (and ultimately failing) to fold a piece of paper seven times using his hydraulic press, this cultural phenomenon has attracted global audiences.

Although many find the hydraulic press channel's videos entertaining, some have criticised it as wasteful and materialistic. Still, they continue to generate millions of dollars through their content and serve as an example for anyone wanting to start their own successful YouTube channel.

One of the greatest challenges facing new YouTube creators is finding ways to stand out from the competition. One channel that has done just this is Hydraulic Press Channel. By creating an instantly recognisable brand and producing engaging videos such as breaking pinatas, crushing car doors and even exploding watermelons; their brand has quickly become instantly iconic among viewers.

The global Hydraulic Press market report provides an in-depth examination of its major drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges as well as regional development trends. It was created using primary and secondary research sources as well as interviews with industry experts; additionally it features an overview of key players operating within this market.

4. Sponsorships

Hydraulic Press Channel is just the latest of many YouTubers obsessed with dismantling stuff for fun and science, featuring everything from Mormon father and son duos, Finnish powerlifters and small town Nebraska families - each community featuring self-taught personalities who show what happens when put items inside an industrial hydraulic press, often while joyfully narrating in their native tongue.

Lauri Vuohensilta is the star of this show, operating out of his workshop in Tampere, Finland and filled with heavy machinery. A self-taught mechanic, Lauri works his equipment to produce videos showcasing its brute strength - such as hydraulic presses. His playful yet self-deprecating humor charms viewers who come into view his videos regularly.

The channel first gained popularity in October 2015 when it released a video showing Vuohensilta successfully disproving an old folk belief: that paper cannot be folded more than seven times without exploding. The video quickly went viral on social media platforms like Reddit.

Since its debut, the Hydraulic Press Channel has uploaded numerous clips showcasing its 150-ton press against various objects ranging from clocks and fruit to golf balls, sure to pique viewer interest and provide hours of viewing entertainment.

Vuohensilta gives his audience more than just an announcement when something will get crushed; his channel also provides an interesting narrative, showing them how and why he got his shop, along with showing some of the tools used in each video. Vuohensilta clearly loves what he does, which shows through in every single one of his videos.

Some of the channel's videos have focused on more complex projects, like when Vuohensilta and Anni tried driving as many nails into wood as one press could drive into it with just one push of their nail press. While results weren't as impressive, watching was still enjoyable; Vuohensilta and Anni are clearly enjoying themselves while creating mesmerizing videos of destruction!

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