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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make on YouTube?

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[Article Summary]: The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of objects being crushed with a 140-ton hydraulic press. Launched in October 201……

how much does hydraulic press channel make

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of objects being crushed with a 140-ton hydraulic press. Launched in October 2015, this global channel has amassed an audience of viewers.

These videos were shot in Lauri Vuohensilta's family shop. Alongside his hydraulic press, there are Lego toys, coins and small clay figurines made by his wife in this shop.

YouTube Earnings

Earnings on YouTube depend on many variables, including views received for videos hosted on that channel, types of ads being run and its niche. Ad revenue aside, YouTube also provides other means of monetising creators' content such as channel memberships and Shopping.

One of the most renowned YouTube channels is Lauri Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel, where he utilizes his hydraulic press to crush objects into dust with ease. These videos have gone viral and gained over one million subscribers to his channel.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out among YouTube channels dedicated to destruction with its distinctive approach and sense of humor. Due to its growing popularity, they've even created merchandise related to their channel as well as filmed a satirical video about its rise to stardom.

While advertising may provide some revenue for channels, producing videos requires extensive work. This is especially true if they're just beginning. Beginners are advised to start small before gradually building up production volumes to manage costs effectively over time.

Hydraulic Press Channel generates revenue beyond ads through channel memberships and YouTube shopping, providing another avenue for revenue-generation for channels without just depending on ads for funding.

This channel covers an impressively wide variety of subjects, ranging from smashing Skittles and M&Ms to testing the strength of various materials. Most videos come complete with commentary by the creators that helps viewers understand what is going on while providing context for what is taking place. They take care to take safety precautions when performing more explosive or risky demonstrations; when operating press machines they do so from behind thick safety glass barriers for maximum protection; furthermore they seek to avoid defacing copyrighted content which may result in videos being removed from YouTube altogether.

Net Worth

Lauri Vuohensilta, a Finnish factory owner and YouTube star known for his "Hydraulic Press Channel", which shows him crushing various objects with his 150-ton hydraulic press, has become immensely popular and amassed millions of views online. Additionally, he hosts another channel called "Beyond the Press".

Vuohensilta has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million as of 2023, due mainly to his YouTube channel which boasts more than 2.7 million subscribers and 526.2 million views, as well as his secondary behind-the-scenes channel with 325,000+ subcribers.

The global Hydraulic Press market is projected to experience compound annual compound annual compound annual compound annual compound annual compound annual growth from 2023-2030, at a compound annual compound compound annual compound growth rate of 3.9 percent. The report provides a detailed examination of key growth drivers, restraint factors, opportunities and challenges within this market as well as providing information on its leading players as well as their strategies.

Anni is best known for her YouTube fame; however, she also enjoys an impressive career as an entrepreneur and powerlifter. Her strong physique earned her recognition from the International Powerlifting Federation as well as coaching other powerlifters. Additionally, Anni holds a bachelor's degree in social science from Tampere University of Finland.

Though she has become successful, she remains close to her family. She still resides with both parents in Finland, spending quality time with both of them whenever possible. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors; frequently posting images from these adventures on her Instagram page.

Since April 2016 she has been working as both an extra and producer on the Hydraulic Press Channel. Additionally she served as content manager at HPC Entertainment oy in her spare time. When not at work she enjoys cycling or taking her dog for walks.

Recently, her former husband who co-owned Hydraulic Press channel with her announced they were divorcing. According to him, this was due to differing life goals between them and inability to agree about future plans - but emphasized that any decision had nothing to do with the channel or its popularity.

Ad Revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel makes money through several sources, including advertising revenue. Google AdSense pays per click-through, while sponsorship deals with TikTok allow advertisers to choose music from an approved list for use over videos as a way of getting it heard by an audience who might otherwise miss it - as Dan Whateley recently detailed, record labels pay record labels to feature their songs in such videos.

Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni work closely together in their shop, so destroying anything that may cost them customers is avoided at all costs. Their YouTube channel "Beyond the Press" posts videos showing these other things without crushing.

Some years ago, this couple launched a YouTube channel where they used a 150-ton hydraulic press at their family factory to pulverize random objects under pressure - garnering them more than 10 million followers across major social platforms and becoming a subgenre of "satisfying" internet content.

They've conducted all manner of experiments with their hydraulic press, from compressing Skittles into toroid shapes that resemble giant Life Savers to testing the maximum force different steel bolts can withstand before exploding catastrophically, and even turning loose ash into rock.

This channel has amassed millions of views each week and now qualifies for YouTube's Gold Play button - but before it can dream about having an exclusive Diamond Play Button they must also add additional subscribers first.

Social Media

Launched by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015, the Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is an entertaining YouTube series that depicts everyday objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Videos feature husband and wife team Lauri and Anni as hosts; their thick Finnish accent and deadpan Captain Obvious-esque commentary add to its entertaining nature, giving viewers a look into how things like clocks, fruit, golf balls and other household objects are destroyed by hydraulic presses.

It's easy to understand why HPC has become such a social media phenomenon, with over 2 Million subscribers as of 2020 and growing steadily. On average, about 200,000 viewers watch each day while 1000 suggestions from viewers each week are received; additionally there are some sponsored videos that earn up to $53,000 monthly revenue for HPC.

The Hydraulic Press Channel stands out from many YouTube channels that specialize in destruction by actually using its hydraulic press in each video, testing its limits without creating a big mess or damaging expensive equipment. They use liquid nitrogen to add some flair and flair; their latest video featured the indestructible Nokia 3310 being crushed under pressure and another where an remote control landed in liquid nitrogen! Often surprising and hilarious results emerge, like in this latest example where an indestructible Nokia 3310 gets destroyed using liquid nitrogen!

Hydraulic Press Channel's popularity has earned them multiple YouTube awards, such as a Silver Play Button award. We anticipate soon enough that they'll also earn themselves a Gold Play Button.

Hydraulic Press Channel has drawn some criticism for encouraging potentially risky activities and being watched for too much time, raising concern among viewers that children could become distracted from learning by watching these videos. Yet most users have shown their support by sharing this channel with friends and family as well as making recommendations. It has even received positive press coverage which has increased its audience reach significantly.

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