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Hydraulic Press Machine Line

As the inventor of the hydraulic press machine line,we make every effort to be a hydraulic press

manufacturer that helping customers to Improve production efficiency and reduce costs

We advocate hydraulic presses from a single point of production into an automated production line! Freeing the hands of people and automating production!

After 23 years of research and development, we have concluded the theory of "PSMO" for the manufacturing of hydraulic press machine line

◎Automatic Production realizes the automatic production of products, completely freeing human hands.

◎Automatic Separation realizes the automatic separation and collection of finished products and scrap of stamping parts.

◎One Machine rcan be used to produce different products by changing different mould.

◎One key control ,One person just need to touch the start button , the hydraulic press machine line can word itself automatically.

发明专利--全自动液压系统 发明专利--全自动冲压生产线 广东高新技术产品--拉伸油压机 广东高新技术产品--框架式油压机

Yintong Hydraulic Press Manufacturer

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About Us

YintongYintong hydraulic press machine manufacturer, is one of the leading manufacturing companies producing hydraulic press machine in China. With the aim of being china’s best hydraulic press Suppliers, our company has for over a decade, put all its efforts in the design, development, and production of the customer-oriented hydraulic systems with high safety standards. All our products have been awarded the IQNET, ISO9001, and 2008 International Quality Management System Dual Certificate. Moreover, we have a customer base all over the world.

Yintong Honor

1.We are a national high-tech enterprise in china, recognized number is GR201544001040

2.We are the unit supported by China Innovation Fund as a hydraulic press manufacturer

3.We are the inventor of fully automatic hydraulic press system

4.We have four invention patents and twenty-three hydraulic press machine patents

5.We have sixteen products certified as high-tech products in China

6.We have been a china contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise for five consecutive years

7.We have passed the ISO 2008 and IQNET dual quality management system certification

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Yintong Customers

The joint choice of 12 Fortune 500 companies

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Customers in sixteen countries and regions!

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