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How to Make Your Own Hydraulic Brake Press

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[Article Summary]:Before building your own press brake, there are a few fundamental points you’ll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, calculate how many t……

Before building your own press brake, there are a few fundamental points you'll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, calculate how many tons will be required of you.

Tonnage determines how thick metal can be bent with a press brake, and because every type of metal differs in ductility and strength, each requires different amounts of force for bending.


Press brake frames must be constructed from heavy steel in order to withstand the intense pressure applied during bending processes. A bed serves as the platform upon which workpieces rest, supported by both frame and ram, with depth and angle adjustments available on ram. Bending forces are generated via hydraulic system.

Hydraulic press brakes are versatile machines used for various metal sheet fabrication tasks, including punching, blanking, embossing and forming. Their powerful capabilities enable them to complete these jobs with great precision and accuracy; additionally they can handle high pressure applications making it a suitable option for tasks requiring considerable force.

The hydraulic press is an indispensable piece of machinery in many industrial settings, thanks to its versatility and efficiency. However, as with any machine, routine maintenance must be performed in order for it to continue operating optimally - keeping your hydraulic press updated is crucial for productivity in any shop as it reduces material waste while increasing profitability and decreasing operating costs.

To maximize the potential of your hydraulic press, retrofit it with a control system that enhances its functionality. Retrofits are available for various models and sizes of machines; which one makes the most sense depends on factors like backgauge system capacity, operator count, job nature and whether your press primarily bends light gauge sheet or heavy plate.

Steps for Building Your Own Hydraulic Brake Press

To get your DIY hydraulic brake press project underway, you will require several supplies. A sheet of plywood or ply will serve as the base, while an 8ft flat plate acts as the bed. As for ram pieces, three pieces of angle iron that match in length and thickness to what will serve as your top die will do just fine for your ram ram - once that has all been assembled you can start welding everything together.

Once your press is assembled, weld on all its details. When welding on details it is important to use symmetrical and evenly spaced welds so as to prevent heat distortion and create the strongest structure possible. Once complete, your frame should be strong enough to support its weight with the help of either an engine hoist or even hand lifting for smaller presses.

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