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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Money Does Lauri Vuohensilta Make With His YouTube Channel?

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[Article Summary]:Lauri Vuohensilta runs a YouTube channel where his family’s hydraulic press can be seen crushing objects with dramatic or explosive results, d……

Lauri Vuohensilta runs a YouTube channel where his family's hydraulic press can be seen crushing objects with dramatic or explosive results, drawing millions of views and greatly expanding his fortunes. These videos have amassed millions of views and been an enormous source of earnings growth.

Success of Vuohensilta's channel can be attributed to his combination of surprise, humor, and thick Finnish accent. Furthermore, viewers find this channel fascinating because it gives an inside view into industrial machinery operations.


Tampere, Finland-based Lauri Vuohensilta has built up an immensely popular YouTube channel featuring him and his wife crushing objects with a hydraulic press, drawing in millions of views monthly. While many vloggers resort to fast editing or dramatic make-up in order to impress their audiences, Vuohensilta remains unassuming in his approach - adding commentary during each destruction while his thick Finnish accent provides extra entertainment value for viewers.

Content on this channel primarily revolves around Vuohensilta's family's hydraulic press, which can crush anything from small toys to appliances. Most videos show black-and-white shots of the press set against heavy metal music in the background. He introduces himself and explains what will happen with an object before cranking his press and watching as its contents are crushed - both Vuohensilta and Anni take safety very seriously; always wearing protective gear and operating behind glass barriers when operating the press.

Additionally, this channel posts extra content on its website and sells T-shirts featuring its hydraulic press. Revenue comes largely from advertising with some subscription income as well as partnerships with other YouTubers and companies.

Attraction of media attention. USA Today and Time Magazine both wrote extensively about the channel. Some even compared its success to that of TikTok, a social networking site where users share short video clips; its rise in popularity led to millions of new accounts creating revenue through advertisements or other means.

Although some accounts are run by professional influencers, others focus on specific topics or genres. One such account is Hydraulic Press Channel, which has built its following by sharing videos showing an hydraulic press smushing money stacks - it now boasts over 11 million followers!

Some accounts on TikTok generate revenue through music promotions while others make money through sponsored posts or by promoting products. Some creators on the platform earn income through paid posts promoting products while other earn from music label promotions for new songs that need views to appear in playlists. Music marketers also pay general-interest channels to use their songs in videos which increase its chances of discovery by larger audiences.


Hydraulic Press Channel is a straightforward YouTube series featuring Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects using his family's hydraulic press. Since October 2015, when its inaugural video showed him folding paper over 7 times using this hydraulic press, its popularity quickly skyrocketed. Since then, other videos featuring Lauri's use of his family hydraulic press to crush Lego cars, hockey pucks, Xbox 360s and other items has gone viral; its videos remain captivatingly engaging while being addictive to watch; often featuring him destroying various objects using his family hydraulic press alongside his wife destroying various items with its help using this device - often combined together - with incredible precision!

This channel was shot at Vuohensilta Engineering Works shop in Tampere, Finland and features videos showing Lauri using a machining press to destroy various items such as Lego toys, rubber ducks and Nokia 3310 phones - and hydraulic presses to create clay figures - often leading to laughter from either him or his wife at its conclusion.

What distinguishes this channel is its slapstick humor. Lauri and his wife offer hilarious commentary throughout each video, drawing viewers in with thick accents that often play for laughs - for instance in one Q&A video, Lauri admitted his English pronunciation isn't perfect but that he deliberately mispronounces words to make viewers' viewing experience more amusing; also often pronouncing pineapples as "ananas".

One factor that contributes to the channel's charm is its authenticity. Although most videos on their channel appear staged, Vuohensiltas utilize their hydraulic press regularly in their shop - from straightening out bent excavator shovels to changing wheel bearings on cars - using it for real work every day.

Recently, Lauri and Anni have separated and have chosen a replacement star to star in future videos. Fans have noticed this development on his channel.


The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel dedicated to hydraulic press crushing objects. Founded by Lauri Vuohensilta from Tampere, Finland and operating a family machining business. He decided to start this channel after seeing other channels dedicated to destruction on YouTube; since 2015 it has garnered over 2 Million subscribers and over 540 Million views with ads accounting for the bulk of revenue generation for this channel.

Vuohensilta's videos are entertaining due to his dry humor and thick Finnish accent, setting him apart from other destruction-themed YouTube channels. His pride is evident as he describes each machine featured in his videos.

While Vuohensilta may not be a professional YouTuber, he and Anni produce high-quality content with great care taken to avoid accidents when operating their machine - such as by placing it behind glass barriers to protect from fire or explosion damage - on their channel which boasts a massive audience and attracts advertisers from all over the globe; its ad revenue exceeds $250,000 every month!

While many vloggers focus on makeup and fast editing, the Hydraulic Press Channel emphasizes goofy nerdiness and machinery's power. Its title sequence features black-and-white clips of hands tinkering with metallic machinery while heavy metal plays, creating an air of brotastic fun.

The channel's impressive industrial equipment and engaging personalities have captured millions of fans. The couple even made appearances on television shows and conventions. Their popularity also gave rise to merchandise such as T-shirts for sale on its platform - making the channel an extremely profitable enterprise.

As well as its entertainment value, this channel provides valuable knowledge about how things work and how to fix them. Many videos feature tutorials for using various tools; others may feature recipes for homemade foods; while still others feature fun or comical aspects - like when Anni stuffed silicone breast implants into a vacuum chamber under hydraulic press!

Due to their channel's success, its creators have found numerous sponsorship opportunities. One video was sponsored by an autoparts company who even gave them a customized hydraulic press as a thank you gift! Sponsorship helps offset production costs while simultaneously continuing the channel's unique content production; additionally, these sponsors allow the couple to increase ad revenues as their videos gain more views on YouTube.


The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features videos of Lauri Vuohensilta from Tampere, Finland using his high-powered industrial-strength hydraulic press to crush objects with incredible force. He created this series as an entertainment source while testing different materials and metals for strength and durability in his machining shop - providing viewers with entertainment while showing the amazing destruction capabilities of hydraulic presses! The channel is one of many created by Vuohensilta for entertainment purposes and also to showcase amazing destruction caused by hydraulic press technology!

Vuohensilta is an accomplished machinist with an irreverent sense of humor who uses YouTube videos to connect with his audience. His dry, deadpan commentary recalls Captain Obvious while his thick Finnish accent adds another level of comedy. These videos have inspired other YouTubers to start their own hydraulic press channels while Vuohensilta has even collaborated with 20th Century Fox on an promotional video for Logan movie!

In his most recent video, the hydraulic press channel attempts to crush a brass cylinder using the power of his machine. At first it gives some resistance; eventually though, the cylinder bursts and can be heard exploding on stream - followed by another steel one giving more resistance but eventually giving way under pressure and breaking altogether.

Videos posted to the hydraulic press channel showcase different tools being used, such as a golf ball, book, rubber ducky and Lego toys. There are also videos showing explosive materials being crushed using liquid nitrogen as well as fruit being crushed using this press. Finally, some extra content videos created by Vuohensilta's former wife Anni are featured as bonus content videos on this channel.

The popularity of the channel has attracted advertisers and sponsors from car companies as well as advertisers and sponsors that specialize in hydraulic press technology. One of the most viewed videos ever uploaded to the hydraulic press channel for Mopar features an advertisement featuring their car being crushed under hydraulic press technology, garnering over three million views on YouTube alone - becoming its highest viewed video ever! Additionally, Mopar utilized YouTube Partnership Program ads which allows companies to create free advertisements.

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