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Hydraulic Press Channel

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta had no idea his Hydraulic Press Channel would become such an overwhelming success when he created it; all he was trying to gauge……

how much money does hydraulic press channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta had no idea his Hydraulic Press Channel would become such an overwhelming success when he created it; all he was trying to gauge interest for watching him crush objects under an immense hydraulic press.

Since then, the Finnish factory owner and his wife have created an audience-pleasing YouTube series of videos. They credit its success to its explosions, unexpected results, and comedic antics such as funny accents or corny humor.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make?

The Hydraulic Press Channel, established by Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland, features videos showing objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Since launching, this popular YouTube channel has garnered over one million subscribers, received international media coverage, and inspired numerous copycat channels.

Vuohensilta hosts a series of videos in which he uses his family's industrial hydraulic press to crush various objects. Each video typically begins with black-and-white shots of the press with music playing in the background before Vuohensilta introduces himself and discusses what will be crushed, such as Lego toys, old Nokia 3310 phones or ball bearings being crushed by Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press. Popular videos involve Lego toys being crushed as well as objects like Lego toys being crushed using his hydraulic press; more dangerous or explosive demonstrations such as blowing up car tires or shooting Johnny from homemade air cannons are featured among Vuohensilta's videos as well.

Vuohensilta's success on the Hydraulic Press Channel can be attributed to his use of humor and surprise to draw in viewers. His distinctive Finnish accent adds another level of entertainment; and Anni often provides comical commentary during destruction videos. Their popularity has caused several spin-off channels featuring other forms of destruction to form.

Although their demonstrations appear risky, this couple takes great measures to ensure safety. When operating their hydraulic presses from behind thick safety glass or other barriers, and often include warnings advising viewers to be wary when watching videos featuring these demonstrations. Furthermore, they take great pains in preparing objects for destruction before placing them into their hydraulic presss, giving an explanation of how this was accomplished before being put through their presses.

Although the Hydraulic Press Channel has become immensely popular on YouTube, its success isn't unprecedented. Early YouTube hit Will It Blend? series paved the way for similar destruction-themed accounts, while big companies such as Blendtec and General Electric produced viral infomercials to advertise their products. But Hydraulic Press Channel differs in that its creators don't aim to sell products but rather to demonstrate the power of their equipment.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make per day?

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects using his hydraulic press in entertaining yet entertaining videos that have made this channel highly regarded since launching it in 2015. Since Vuohensilta began his channel, millions have subscribed to watch his videos and many mainstream media outlets have taken notice.

Vuohensilta uses his family shop's hydraulic press to crush items such as rubber band balls, crayons and even human teeth with surprising gusto - the destruction is highly entertaining, drawing in millions of viewers who tune in each time for new videos! In many instances the videos also include running commentary by Vuohensilta and his wife.

Vuohensilta started his Hydraulic Press Channel initially as an experiment to gauge interest in watching him destroy things. He initially uploaded six quick videos showing himself disassembling an assortment of household items before going back to work in his factory. Over time, however, its popularity increased dramatically, prompting Vuohensilta to produce videos more frequently - thanks to explosions, humor and Finnish accent he credits its success to seeing things get crushed under tons of pressure!

Apart from regular videos of objects being destroyed in a hydraulic press, this channel also showcases various experiments and challenges. One such series features Vuohensilta using the hydraulic press to try various folding methods of paper with great success - his most recent attempt garnered over 26 million views!

Crushing items into glass bottles is another popular challenge on this channel and has been watched over 13 million times. Vuohensilta also partners with other YouTube personalities to produce challenge videos such as one where she crushes Nike shoes!

The Hydraulic Press Channel is one of the most-watched YouTube channels, attracting millions of viewers who log on each month to watch Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere crush things with his hydraulic press. His videos are both entertaining and satisfying to watch; Vuohensilta manages to captivate millions with his charismatic personality and draw in new fans through every upload he shares with them.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make per year?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of objects being crushed with hydraulic presses, created by Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland who runs a family machining business. He started this channel in October 2015 and since then it has attracted over one million subscribers and international media coverage; sponsorship opportunities have also come through and given this channel its signature sense of humor and creativity.

The channel features various objects being crushed, from Lego cars and Xbox 360 consoles to iPad mini tablets. Each video starts off with a black-and-white shot of the hydraulic press followed by rock music and an introduction by Vuohensilta who then introduces his target item before getting cracking!

Vuohensilta's channel features not only crushing objects, but also many entertaining videos involving shooting secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with a homemade air cannon before having him crushed in their hydraulic press. Furthermore, there's Beyond the Press series featuring comical pranks and challenges.

Vuohensilta credits the success of his Hydraulic Press Channel to its unique approach to destruction and comedy. In an interview with Boy Genius Report, he described this method as being similar to that of Captain Obvious - deadpan commentary mixed with goofy nerdiness, goofiness and Finnish accent.

Hydraulic presses have many applications in industries ranging from powder compacting, concrete compression testing and scrap baling. They may even replace kilns due to being room temperature operated while producing high pressures.

Vuohensilta takes great care to protect his safety when operating hydraulic presses, including using protective screens or glasses and hand protection such as duct tape for protection. On occasion he even wears harnesses and helmets.

Even though the Hydraulic Press Channel is popular, viewers must remember that its content could be harmful. People may become addicted to watching videos of things being crushed and end up taking large quantities of alcohol or other drugs as a result. Furthermore, watching this type of content could result in depression anxiety, and suicidal thoughts in certain individuals.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make per 1000 views?

The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is a popular YouTube channel created and run by husband-and-wife duo Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Finland. They operate a small metal workshop in Tampere and their channel features them using their hydraulic press to crush everyday items using it - garnering millions of views and leading to various sponsorship deals as a result.

The HPC videos have an undeniable appeal that makes them addictive to watch. Each clip showcases something being crushed under a hydraulic press, often humorous and satisfying in equal measures. Furthermore, Lauri's thick Finnish accent and dry yet deadpan commentary similar to Captain Obvious add an additional layer of enjoyment while watching these clips.

One of the most viewed videos on their channel features a ping-pong ball being crushed by the hydraulic press - this clip garnered over 1.6 million views, becoming one of the highest-viewed clips. Another video shows two users trying to crush styrofoam using their hydraulic press; its hilarious results make for good entertainment! Besides YouTube itself, HPC also operates an additional channel called Beyond the Press where they share behind-the-scenes footage from their shop.

In 2017, this channel won a Shorty Award in the "weird" category. Boasting over 2.2 million subscribers and uploading new videos weekly since 2015, over 360 million views have been gained since its debut. Beyond crushing objects with hydraulic presses, this channel has explored other methods of destruction or damage.

The channel has also proven a success on social media, amassing millions of followers across Instagram and Facebook. In addition, they've launched podcasts and created non-press related YouTube channels; due to its immense popularity they created t-shirts and posters bearing their logo as merchandise; with plans of expanding the business into other areas in the near future and discussions taking place with companies about possible partnerships.

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