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How to Make a Hydraulic Juice Press

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[Article Summary]: Hydraulic presses use mechanical hand action to extract juice from pre-crushed fruits and vegetables, eliminating friction heat which destroys enz……

how to make a hydraulic juice press

Hydraulic presses use mechanical hand action to extract juice from pre-crushed fruits and vegetables, eliminating friction heat which destroys enzymes while providing more efficient juice production.

The Gerson Institute firmly believes that juicing vegetables is essential to leading a healthy life in today's times of soil depletion and its associated soil erosion. With its hydraulic press technology, juicers separate "living" nutrients which are easily absorbed by our bodies for an immediate energy boost.


Hydraulic juice presses use mechanical methods to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, using crushing by hydraulic pistons prior to extracting their juice and no heat generated during juicing process allowing for greater nutritional extraction of fresh ingredients without heat production, yielding healthier and more nutritive juice that you can drink directly out of the bottle or incorporate into recipes for maximum enjoyment!

The PURE Juicer is a premium juicer that utilizes hydraulic pressure to extract maximum juice output from produce. As the only cold-press juicer on the market utilizing hydraulic pressure, this machine has become an industry leader and leader in this niche of juicing. Utilizing 5,400 pounds of pressure, this machine ensures every drop of juice is extracted from produce; built of high grade aluminum, stainless steel and polycarbonate plastic materials to ensure durability and safety; digital display screen and user friendly control panel also included for ease of use!

This machine is ideal for cold-pressed juicing and food processing tasks like squeezing aloe vera, kiwi fruit and plant/herb dehydration processing, etc. The hydraulic system, mobile juice store plate, basket and nylon mattress are made from 304 stainless steel that adheres to national food hygiene standards; additionally the hydraulic automatic control and manual hydraulic lift make operation straightforward and user friendly.

This hydraulic juicer boasts a large capacity and is suitable for commercial juice cleanses, juice fasts and hard cider breweries. Constructed of durable 304 stainless steel material, this machine can withstand frequent cleanings while its design features no internal sharp edges or corners for improved hygiene; additionally its barrel, press plate and frame are acid and alkali resistant stainless steel; while its hydraulic oil cylinder has four forms of seals to extend service life and avoid leakage of fluid and polluting food products.


Welles Press is a manual juicer using hydraulic pressure to apply immense pressure onto food pulp. This process releases bioavailable nutrients binded within its fiber, acting as powerful healing agents for our bodies and increasing vital energy in vegetables, giving a surprising energy boost - it truly is the ultimate juicer for anyone concerned with both body and mind health!

The juicer is constructed of stainless steel for durability and meets food hygiene and safety standards, offering easy use and adjustment to suit the size of fruit or vegetables being pressed. It features high-pressure setting self-stop and rising limit self-stop, helping prevent injuries when operating the machine. Cleaning it after each use is straightforward, while you can store it away in your freezer to maintain a sterile environment between uses.

Hydraulic cold press juicers use mechanical action to extract delicious juice from pre-chopped fruits and vegetables for instantaneous drinking or adding to recipes, making this machine convenient and safe for all ages, including children. No electricity or external power sources required!

This machine boasts an easy-to-use hydraulic system with minimal friction for convenient home use. Furthermore, its portable nature makes it suitable for traveling and use in various places. Furthermore, its durable stainless steel construction withstands pressure well while the juice tank can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

Romiter Hydraulic Type Juice Pressing Machine uses hydraulic pressing to extract juice from raw materials. It is typically utilized for fruit and vegetable juice extraction, vegetable dehydration processing, medicinal juice extraction and medicinal tea production. With easy operation, large production capacity, low labor intensity and made out of acid/alkali resistant 304 stainless steel material for corrosion protection purposes to guarantee purity of juice production.


This hydraulic juice press utilizes mechanical pressure to extract juice from pre-crushed fruits and vegetables without creating heat, thus maintaining maximum nutrition per sip. This cold pressed juice produced by this machine is more nutritious than traditional juices as it contains greater amounts of soluble fibre for long-term storage purposes.

It is user-friendly, safe, and efficient; its stainless steel construction and food grade materials comply with national food hygiene and safety requirements. Suitable for fruit juicing, vegetable dehydration processing and medicine juice extraction using different fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, pomegranates, apples, lemons, oranges pineapples carrots ginger garlic spinach leaf vegetables etc - making the machine completely hassle free to operate and with its integrated pump and collection tank saving additional space on storage costs! The device also features its own built-in pump/collection tank saving time on storage requirements when operating the machine is just plug and play allowing it can operate effectively!

Welles juicer is designed to produce cold pressed juices, while also being compatible with most centrifugal, twin gear and masticating juicers. With its innovative design that forces fibers together using up to 2 tons of pressure - and thus release extra nutrients and enzymes that tend to stick around pulp when other machines don't - high-quality juice can be stored for up to 24 hours in your fridge!

This hydraulic press makes juicing fast and straightforward. The feed chute attaches with just one click, can be removed with one button press, and features an innovative wave board designed to interlock to maximize yield while at the same time minimize mess (although juicing will always create some mess!). Furthermore, there's even an adjustable shredder skirt fitted on it to further minimize mess (but remember juicing can always create its own issues!).

This machine boasts an ergonomic handle and lightweight portability. Easy to clean, its powerful yet quiet motor runs quietly while the hydraulic system features a pressure gauge to monitor compression levels as well as being highly adjustable to suit different types of produce being pressed.


If you're considering purchasing a hydraulic juice press, it's essential that you know which parts are necessary. Each of the different kinds of presses on the market requires its own set of pieces - using those appropriate for your press will ensure you maximize its yield of juice!

Hydraulic juice presses are a type of juicer that use hydraulic pressure to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, providing an alternative to centrifugal models which utilize high-speed spinning and generate heat that oxidizes nutrients during processing. By compressing juice without heat exposure, hydraulic presses ensure optimal nutritional retention.

The PURE Hydraulic Cold Press Juicer is an innovative hydraulic press designed to offer all of the quality of a large volume press in an affordable countertop unit. Perfect for restaurants and "to order" juicing services, so customers can receive fresh juice right before them!

This machine is constructed from food grade AISI 304 stainless steel and meets national hygiene standards. It's simple to operate and delivers a high juice yield; furthermore, its low profile design makes it easier for juice bag in and out operations. Furthermore, its feed chute locks on with just a click before being easily detached with just one press of a button while its Grid Tray pull-tab doubles as an easy hang tab for bag storage.

The hydraulic vertical juicing press machine features a mobile juice store plate for ease of transport around a factory, can accommodate fruits and vegetables of varying sizes, meets national food hygiene standards and has an enhanced juice yield rate due to a nylon mattress between grapes that improves juice yield rates.

Hydraulic juice presses are easy to use; all it requires is placing pulp from a standard juice extractor in its lower pan and ratcheting up its top pan for about one minute to extract nearly all your juice. Cleanup afterward involves washing off both pans before wiping off any residue left behind from extraction process.

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