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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:Hydraulic Press Channel takes great pleasure in watching their 150-ton hydraulic press crush objects of various kinds – clocks, fruit and golf……

Hydraulic Press Channel takes great pleasure in watching their 150-ton hydraulic press crush objects of various kinds - clocks, fruit and golf balls have been just some of those to come under its weight and witness millions of viewers witness it all unfold in real time.

These videos were captured at a family-owned machining business in Tampere, Finland, by Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni Vuohensilta who provide commentary with an audible Finnish accent.

How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Make On YouTube?

Hydraulic Press on YouTube features videos of its owner Lauri Vuohensilta using a large hydraulic press to crush objects, producing up to 144 tonnes (142 long tons; 159 short tons) of force. Crushed objects include golf balls, books, rubber ducks, steel pipes, bearing balls for bowling ball pins and pucks, hockey pucks, Lego toys, Nokia 3310 phones with pins attached, Barbie dolls and diamonds; some were even frozen in liquid nitrogen prior to being crushed for maximum impact! Currently the channel boasts over 2.2 million subscribers and has seen over 360 million views since starting.

Videos posted to this channel are popular for their entertainment value and show what happens when objects are subjected to massive pressure, as well as its innovative use of liquid nitrogen for freezing and crushing items. Furthermore, its creators frequently explain the science behind their experiments within each video uploaded on the channel.

Beyond their main channel, this couple also have another one called Beyond the Press where they post videos about other things besides crushing objects with hydraulic presses. Beyond the Press is particularly popular among male viewers and often features videos appealing to male gaze. One such video involves them inserting a silicone insert into a woman's top before crushing it using their hydraulic press; her smile shows that she appears pleased by this experience.

Other videos feature the couple playing games together, such as Jenga. There's also a Q&A video where they answer fan submissions. They attribute their success to unexpected results, humorous commentary and their distinct Finnish accent. Furthermore, they have expanded their audience by creating additional channels where they demonstrate other machines such as large machining machines or air cannons work.

Recently, this channel has struggled to monetize its content due to changes in YouTube's advertising policies. In an attempt to increase revenue, they started accepting cryptocurrency donations through ChangeTip as well as selling merchandise such as T-shirts on their website and accepting in-video advertisements through Google's AMP program for faster mobile versions and compatibility with smartphone browsers. Furthermore, other monetization strategies may be explored including brand partnerships or even subscribing services in future.

How Many Subscribers Does Hydraulic Press Have?

Hydraulic Press, a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing objects with hydraulic presses, has amassed more than 10 million subscribers since it first started five years ago. While its success has led to numerous similar channels devoted to more mundane forms of destruction, HPC stands out by combining goofiness and science: its faceless narrator provides detailed explanations about how its press works while its creators playfully crush items before the camera.

HPC is run by Finnish couple Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta and features their distinctive accent, adding to the entertainment value of their videos. Lauri often comments with an off-kilter Captain Obvious voice while Anni cackles along at any destruction caused. HPC has become an immensely popular channel on YouTube - reaching Reddit's front page and garnering media coverage all around the globe.

In typical videos, narrators place objects into hydraulic presses before switching on the machine, using hydraulic pistons to exert force against them at tons per square inch. Hydraulic presses are widely used across industries for various applications - most frequently cutting sheet metal but also commonly bent punch and sheared metals.

Hydraulic presses can generate up to 144 tons of force, more than enough to crush an automobile. They're used in various industrial applications including metalworking, plastics and composites fabrication, manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

Not only does the channel use hydraulic presses to test materials, but its narrator also conducts tests which would otherwise be too difficult or hazardous to attempt in person. For instance, in one recent video they attempted to see how long it would take a log pressed with their press to catch fire after being compressed - with shocking results.

The HPC crew is always finding new ways to demonstrate the power of hydraulic presses, with one recent experiment featuring speakers placed within a hydraulic press and what happens next becoming an amusingly destructive video.

This channel has tested various items such as a golf ball, book, rubber duck, Lego toy, Nokia 3310 phone, hockey puck and diamond. Their videos have become an instantaneous hit on YouTube, earning several Play Button milestones along the way; most recently receiving silver button status in June 2016 as recognition. Their sales of merchandise has generated significant income.

How Many Views Does Hydraulic Press Get?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland runs the YouTube channel Hydraulic Press. His channel first began producing videos in 2015 but became immensely popular after it was featured on Reddit's front page; since then it has seen exponential growth in terms of subscriber count and views.

Lauri's channel features clips of him using a hydraulic press to crush various objects, most notably an iPhone 7, Lego car, and Xbox 360. Furthermore, Lauri uses his YouTube channel as an avenue to publish other types of videos such as pranks and challenges; one such popular one involved shooting secondhand clothing mannequin called Johnny with homemade air cannon. This video quickly became an internet hit gaining over three million views over time!

Vuohensilta began his YouTube channel as a hobby, but has quickly made it his full-time job. He spends his days working in his family's machining shop creating engaging clips for YouTube; using various tools he has found through eBay auctions or otherwise for YouTube clips that don't relate to hydraulic presses (Beyond The Press). He even has another channel dedicated entirely to Beyond The Press which features videos not related to hydraulic presses!

Even though his videos on his channel are short, they still manage to attract a massive audience. People have an insatiable fascination for watching things get crushed or destroyed - according to an article in Motherboard by Rachel Pick, Motherboard contributor who quoted a psychologist as explaining that watching destruction gives us a sense of control over our surroundings.

Popularity has created some amazing opportunities for its creators. Already, the channel has earned a Silver Play Button, which should translate to more money from ads on YouTube. Furthermore, plans are in the works to purchase a larger hydraulic press that can accommodate more objects at once.

YouTube provides an ideal opportunity for media companies to build and launch successful media companies. Through creating its own niche, this channel has attracted an engaged following of fans. Not every YouTube channel will experience similar success as this one; but this one stands as proof of how hard work and creativity can pay off. When beginning their own YouTube channel it is crucial that they know exactly what type of content will be produced as this will determine how much effort and dedication will need to go into it.

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