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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Since Lauri Vuohensilta started posting videos of himself crushing random objects with a hydraulic press, his channel has experienced incredible p……

how much does hydraulic press channel make

Since Lauri Vuohensilta started posting videos of himself crushing random objects with a hydraulic press, his channel has experienced incredible popularity. Both him and Anni provide humorous commentary, often mocking each other's thick accents in hilarious fashion.

These videos can be highly captivating to watch; many viewers have reported experiencing an exhilaration while watching destruction unfold before them.

How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per 1000 Views?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland has become one of YouTube's more unassuming stars through his Hydraulic Press Channel and his love for crushing things with it. His videos have attracted millions of views as viewers watch him use his family's industrial press to demonstrate what happens when pressure is applied to items like an iPhone 7, rubber ducks, hockey pucks, Lego cars and jawbreakers under various amounts of strain. Sometimes his wife joins him and together they even dip the materials in liquid nitrogen for added dramatic effects!

After witnessing other destruction-focused channels become successful, he created his channel in October 2015. Since his father owns a machining business and provides access to a large hydraulic press, this seemed like an obvious endeavor.

His videos are both entertaining and suspenseful, with big cliffhangers at the end of many clips. Furthermore, he often gets very enthusiastic when discussing potential videos, often making statements like: "I can't wait for my 1,000-ton hydraulic press!"

Part of the allure of this channel lies in its juxtaposition between shiny metal machinery and goofy nerdiness. He and his wife share in each other's enthusiasm, which comes across in how they interact with one another as well as viewers.

How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per Day?

Hydraulic presses are an indispensable piece of machinery in any machine shop, used to shape, form and straighten metal and other materials. Hydraulic presses play a vital role in shaping, forming and straightening products from many different industries we rely on daily - often unsung heroes behind many of them! However, just like any piece of machinery, hydraulic presses may wear down over time leading to malfunctions and breakdowns; regular maintenance and repairs can help extend its lifespan for optimal use of this piece of machinery.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland founded Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube in 2015. His videos demonstrate his use of his family's industrial hydraulic press to crush various objects such as sponges, rubber band balls, crayons, and even human teeth!

Vuohensilta has expanded his operations since the success of his channel due to the immense popularity it has generated, adding five hydraulic presses, a milling machine and an anvil into his workshop - as well as publishing a book and creating an online store where his creations can be purchased.

Hydraulic presses are heavy-duty machines that utilize large pistons and hydraulic force to exert pressure on materials like metal or steel, often for straightening shafts, plates or large weldments. While they can be expensive to purchase new, used options are sometimes available that offer considerable savings for buyers looking for one.

Many small businesses rely on hydraulic presses to develop their products and services, from tools and customized components to repairs of existing ones. Hydraulic presses serve as the backbones of shops and factories across the nation - yet if left neglected they can prove costly to repair and replacement costs can quickly mount up.

There are various signs that indicate when your hydraulic press may need repair, including:

How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per Month?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland has made waves online by crushing random objects with his family's hydraulic press. Since 2015, his channel has amassed millions of views - these videos are not only simple but highly addictive to watch!

Each video showcases a couple putting an object through a hydraulic press and then smashing it to bits, with music and commentary provided by them both. Some of their most popular videos involve objects like hockey pucks, Xbox 360 consoles, and Lego cars being crushed.

Though some of their videos might seem dangerous, the couple always take care to ensure their own and equipment safety. Duct tape and other measures have been used in the past to avoid injuries while viewing. Their videos also include warnings for viewers.

Videos uploaded by this couple have quickly become viral worldwide, yet they remain committed to building their audience and expanding the scope of their content - with plans in the works for an eventual storefront opening up!

Lauri and Anni are working on producing more videos to educate viewers on how to safely operate a hydraulic press. Their partnership also boasts Beyond the Press, an ongoing series in their shop highlighting all that goes on there daily. Their videos serve as an educational way for viewers to see what can be accomplished using hydraulic presses as well as demonstrate how it operates.

One of the remarkable aspects of the hydraulic press channel is its viral nature; the videos have reached an enormous audience without paid advertising and have proven immensely entertaining and relatable to viewers - garnering numerous positive comments in response.

This channel serves as an incredible example of how even small, niche online platforms can quickly gain prominence and generate significant income. Bored Panda currently boasts over one million subscribers and continues to attract viewers due to its wide array of topics.

How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per Year?

Lauri Vuohensilta, better known by his YouTube name The Hydraulic Press Channel, began making videos showing himself crushing various objects with his family's hydraulic press in October 2015. Since then, his videos have attracted millions of views each month; according to Wall Street Journal estimates he makes at least $650,000 annually through advertising revenue on these videos.

Vuohensilta's success with the Hydraulic Press Channel can be attributed to his highly efficient advertisement system. Ads appear prominently at the start of each video clip and target users with an interest in what's being presented, thus increasing revenue streams and optimizing profits.

Vuohensilta currently boasts over 2.2 million subscribers and has amassed over 360 million views since launching his channel. Alongside YouTube ad revenue, this channel also makes money through merchandise sales and donations; merchandise is even available through Vuohensilta's Behind the Scenes Channel where viewers can observe his videos being created!

People have been drawn to Lauri's channel due to its distinctive and entertaining content. His videos show him crushing various items like Lego cars, iPhone 7's, hockey pucks, etc. His most watched video showing him folding paper seven times has received over 26 Million views!

Another contributor to the Hydraulic Press Channel's success is its sense of humor and good timing. Vuohensilta and his wife often joke about the absurdity of their actions, adding humor and depth to the channel's overall appeal.

Vuohensilta stands out with his distinct Finnish accent, which serves to attract viewers to his channel. Additionally, he has spoken openly to media about both its success and future plans for expansion.

Hydraulic Press Channel viewers may have seen Hanna Korpisaari, Lauri's girlfriend appear frequently in his videos recently. These two have been dating for some time and appear very content together.

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